CAFCASS CYMRU Advisory Committee

Gwenda Thomas, Deputy Minister for Social Services, announced on 9 March 2010, her decisions following a review of the role of the CAFCASS CYMRU Advisory Committee. The Committee will continue in its existing role of providing advice and support to the Chief Executive and Senior Managers of CAFCASS CYMRU. Some amendments will be made to the membership of the Committee.

Accepted the conclusions of the report, and based on those conclusions, agreed to the following six recommendations:

a)  the terms of reference of the CAFCASS CYMRU Advisory Committee be continued

b)  the role of the Committee in advising and assisting the Chief Executive be unchanged

c)  the development of information to the Advisory Committee be continued by the Chief Executive

d)  the relationship of the Committee to Welsh Ministers should not be changed, in that the Chair of the Committee can directly contact the Deputy Minister in very exceptional circumstances

e)  the membership of the Advisory Committee should be changed to that set out in the attached document

f)  agreed to the draft letter to be sent to the Chair of the HWLG Committee as follow up to the recommendations of the Committee inquiry into the working of CAFCASS CYMRU

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