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Charities critical of child support reforms

A RECORD number of Welsh children are benefiting from maintenance payments collected or arranged by the Child Support Agency, according to official figures. But the UK Government says the figures suggest many separated parents could be supporting their children without CSA intervention. Ministers say reforms going through Parliament will see better help and support available …

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EU scheme to ease child maintenance payments

Proposals unveiled by the European Commission on 25th June 2011 are expected to help those parents struggling to get child maintenance payments from a parent who has moved to another member state. There are around cross-border 134,000 child maintenance claims in the EU each year, according to commission estimates, with around 67,000 thought be “problematic” …

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New powers to stop parents dodging maintenance arrears

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission has begun using tough new powers to halt or reverse the sale and transfer of assets by parents attempting to dodge financial responsibility for their children. In the first case of its kind, a father in the northwest of England has been prevented from selling a house he was …

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Child support dodgers face repossession in new crackdown

Middle-class parents who dodge child support payments risk losing their homes under a new government crackdown to recoup outstanding debts. The Child Support Agency is targeting 950 parents and said it wants to ‘explode the myth’ that only those on lower wages were dodging their parental duties. In cases where homes are required to be …

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