EU – Practice guide to the Hague Convention 1996 published

‘Child Protection Convention’ guide is available to download free

The Ministry of Justice has published the 1996 Hague Convention Practice Guide. The guide, which runs to 56 pages, can be downloaded free from here.

The Convention is formally entitled the Hague Convention of 19 October 1996 on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Co-Operation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children but, as Lord Justice Thorpe notes, is more commonly and  universally known as the Child Protection Convention.

In his foreword to the guide, Lord Justice Thorpe says:

“[T]he Convention has been widely recognised by all experts in the field as a highly significant international instrument. Indeed in the field of international family law it, with the 1993 Inter-Country Adoption Convention, are the twin peaks of international family law making of the last quarter century.

…. Now that we have the Convention it is vital that specialists in the field of international law should be familiar with the Convention and should rapidly develop expertise in its use.”

Lord Justice Thorpe pays tribute to Professor Peter McEleavy whose expertise, he says, “illumines the text. Tribute must also be paid to the lawyers within the Ministry of Justice who identified the need for a guide and carried the project forward to publication.”


SOURCE: Family Law Week

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