EU – International conference discusses national approaches to surrogacy

Academics and practitioners aid Hague Conference’s efforts to develop convention

An important conference has been held at the University of Aberdeen to discuss international surrogacy. The Hague Conference is currently debating the development of an international convention on international surrogacy, similar to the Child Abduction and Adoption conventions.

The conference, from 30 August to 1 September, brought together academics and practitioners from around the world to feed into the work being carried out by the Hague Conference.

There is currently a wide variation in approaches to international surrogacy. California, India and the Ukraine take a permissive approach and have quickly developed into centres for intending parents looking for surrogates. Other states, such as France and Germany, either take a restrictive approach or have banned surrogacy entirely. The Conference was an important step towards finding common ground between such countries and developing minimum standards to which everyone can agree.

The Conference was attended by solicitors from Dawson Cornwell and barristers from 4 Paper Buildings. An article on the outcomes of the Conference will be published by Family Law Week in the coming weeks.

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