AUSTRALIA – Julia’s Gillard’s man problems

Julia Gillard has got a serious problem with Australian men. So much so that she is soon about to pass the most malicious anti-male laws this country has ever seen, which will effectively presume that all separated men are Wife Abusers or Child Sexual Predators, that is an effective presumption of Guilt against separated fathers. This bill will rely on the subjective thoughts of the alleged victim to determine guilt or innocence, not on objective or conclusive facts.

So these new laws effectively mean that even if an event did not occur, a separated father will still be judged to be an abuser, because all the alleged victim has to do is say that she is scared…no facts or proof required.”

Quoted from Fathers for Equality

If we can get the numbers, we can through out the government.

Only then will they stand up and pay attention.

Make the changes kids and Dad’s need.

Stand up for all Australian Kids, these new laws will only harm kids.

Help bring back justice and equality to Australia.

Australian Kids need your support more than ever.

We need to show numbers, join up, register now, send this link on to everyone you know, mates, family, friends … Send this to your member of parliment and every other member you can now before it’s to late… 

 Call for an office for Children and Men NOW


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