WALES – Teacher who stole Facebook baby photos to con ex-boyfriend into thinking the child was theirs is banned from classroom for two years

  • Victoria Jones pretended she had taken ‘their’ little girl to Australia
  • She also claimed the baby’s twin brother had died soon after he was born

A spurned girlfriend who took baby pictures from a friend’s Facebook page and tricked her former lover into thinking the child was theirs has been banned from teaching for two years.

Primary school teacher Victoria Jones, 23, used 82 photographs of the smiling baby girl to deceive her ex-boyfriend in revenge for dumping her.

A teaching disciplinary hearing was told that Jones kept up the pretence for two years and even told him that she had taken their little girl to Australia so he could not see her.

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Childless: Victoria Jones stole a mother's baby pictures from Facebook - to taunt an ex-boyfriend that he was the child's father        Duped: Daniel Barberini was told for two years that he was the girl's father

Deception: Primary school teacher Victoria Jones (Top) grabbed pictures of a baby girl she found on Facebook and duped her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Barberini (Bottom), into thinking the child was his

She also claimed the daughter she called Keira was a twin, but that her baby brother Harrison had died soon after birth because he had Downs Syndrome.

She weaved the elaborate web of deceit to get revenge on ex-boyfriend Daniel Barberini, 26, after their 16-month relationship ended.

She dreamed up the hoax after former school friend Sarah Jensen added her as a ‘friend’ on Facebook to show the photos of her own daughter Aliyah.

The happy Facebook snaps showed Aliyah hours after she was born, celebrating her first birthday, enjoying Christmas and playing at home.

Jones claimed to have given birth to Mr Barberini’s children in New York before emigrating from Britain to Australia.

The disciplinary hearing was told that Jones was still teaching in the nursery of Ringland Primary School in Newport, Gwent – and had no child. 

She was found guilty of misconduct over the use of the photographs but cleared of compromising her position of trust and bringing the school into disrepute.

Victims: Baby Aliyah with her mother Sarah Jensen, who was horrified when she found out what Victoria Jones - a former classmate of hers - had doneVictims: Baby Aliyah with her mother Sarah Jensen, who was horrified when she found out what Victoria Jones – a former classmate of hers – had done

The disciplinary panel ruled that she should be suspended from the teacher register for two years when she will be allowed to reapply.

Panel chairman John Collins said: ‘We are satisfied Miss Jones actions fall short of that expected of a registered teacher.

‘Although acts were conducted in her private life, the consequences impacted adversely in her standing as a teacher as well as bringing the profession into disrepute.


January 22, 2009

I don’t want her to be a madam, I want her to grow up well rounded, to respect others money, property and values. There’s a difference between spoilt and being a madam.

January 29, 2009

You will never find anyone that loves you as much as I once did. I was always there for you and always cared for you. You were, and are, always on my mind and I NEVER cheated on you or wanted anyone else bar you. You find that kind of loyalty and love again? Well I doubt it to be honest. ‘The most amazing time that comes to mind would be the first time we drove to Brecon and watched the sunset, made love and had fantastic cuddles. Was bliss! I’ve got a confession – I thought it would be the place you would ask me to marry you.

April 15, 2009

It’s 9.15pm over here. Kei is sleeping right through now. She’s growing up so quickly. I mean she was born premature, and yet she’s fit and healthy and doing soooo well. I’m so proud!!!!

April 16, 2009

Kei has FINALLY got a sleep pattern more or less now, which is such good news for us both. Mummy less grumpy in the mornings he he! Don’t worry she can’t wander off or get stuck or anything as the house is fully baby-proofed, outdoors is next. We have a fence around pool but I want it extra safe!

October 28, 2009

Her shoe size? Wears 9-12 month booties. Weight at birth and now? 3lb 12 at birth, don’t know now! What’s her favourite activity to do with her mum? Cuddles and she loves swimming. Has she picked up any naughty habits yet? Only throwing things when I say no! How’s walking? Too good – she’s discovered speed so is like a running machine!

‘She used the photos to support a fictitious tale in her personal cause. We are satisfied she copied photos of the child from Facebook.

‘The behaviour did not occur during school hours and did not affect pupils. However the conduct could not be described as an isolated incident.

‘This was serious misconduct which took place over a prolonged period of time and involved deception.’

Miss Jones, who was not at today’s hearing, admitted taking the photographs from Facebook but denied unacceptable professional conduct.

The cruel hoax only came to light when proud ‘dad’ Daniel showed one of the baby pictures to a friend – who is also knew Aliyah’s real mother.

Sarah Jensen told the police but after an investigation officers ruled the teacher had not broken the law.

She said: ‘Vicky was one of the quietest people you could ever meet when we were at school. I remember she came to my 14th birthday party.

‘She had access to my Facebook site as a friend but I haven’t seen her for six years. After I found out what was going on she phoned me and wanted to meet up – but I said no.

‘Vicky said she wanted to explain why she did it. She told me: ‘He dumped me so I wanted to get my own back and hurt him. So I told him I was pregnant because it was the only way I could get back and hurt him.’

‘I was crying so much I could barely talk to the police. Her ex, Daniel, arrived at the police station and he was just devastated too. I’d never met him before but he said: “I’m so sorry”.

‘Even though they were not together as a couple he was over the moon about having a daughter. He told me Vicky sent him hundreds of emails talking about their twins Keira and Harrison.

‘Vicky sent him one email saying she was coming to London from Australia later this month and invited him to see their daughter for the first time at her hotel.

‘Some of the pictures of Aliyah she sent him also showed me and my partner Justin. Vicky had told Daniel I was her best friend.

‘But the thing that got to me most were the plans for Daniel to see the baby in London. I’m too scared to go out or even open the door in case somebody grabs the baby.

‘The police told me what Vicky did may be morally wrong but there was no law against it.’
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