WALES – (18) Cert – Student’s naked Twitter video shame

Stripping off ... Amy McCrow

Stripping off … Amy McCrow
Wales News Service

GRAPHIC footage of a sozzled university student stripping naked in a packed nightclub has appeared on the internet.

Dozens of revellers filmed pretty brunette Amy McCrow, 20, as she drunkenly frolicked in an inflatable paddling pool.

The footage was posted on Twitter where thousands of people were soon passing round the ten-minute clip.

A one-minute video of Amy’s provocative pool dance later appeared on YouTube but it was taken down after getting more than 1,000 hits in ten minutes.

Embarrassed Amy tweeted: “Yes I got drunk and yes I got naked. We all do things we regret and there is nothing I can do about it now!!!”

Amy and her pals were at the launch of a weekly student event called Missbehaviour at the Oceana nightclub in Cardiff.

The event was billed as “Cardiff’s naughtiest night” with vodka and other spirits at £1.75 for a double.

There was also a £50 prize for winning the wet T-shirt contest.

Contestants were splashed with water from the paddling pool as hundreds of nightclub-goers cheered them on.

But University of Glamorgan student Amy climbed into the pool and stripped off completely.


Regrets ... Amy McCrow

Regrets … Amy McCrow

Wales News Service

Student Luke Brown, 23, said: “There was a lot of cheering going on and I looked around to see a naked girl in the paddling pool.

“She seemed to be having a good time and everyone was reaching for their mobile phones to video her.

“I think the club staff stepped in to cover her up but I’ve seen one of the videos on Twitter and it lasts for ten minutes.

“Everyone had a lot to drink – I’ll bet she’s regretting it now.”

Amy later complained on Twitter that she had lost her pants, earrings and had not even received her prize money for the wet T-shirt competition.

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