ENGLAND – Kristiana Logina ‘burned by mother and left to die’

A toddler died after being burned in the shower by her mother and left to die from her injuries, a court heard.

Two-year-old Kristiana Logina’s burns were left without proper medical treatment for up to a fortnight.

Her mother, Eva Logina, of Smethwick in the West Midlands, and her then boyfriend applied creams but never sought treatment which could have saved her, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Ms Logina denies manslaughter and a charge of child cruelty.

Her ex-boyfriend, 49-year-old Rashpal Chana of Dibble Road, in Smethwick, is also charged with manslaughter on 15 February last year at the house they shared in Tennal Road in Harborne, Birmingham.

Urgent treatment

The court heard Kristiana suffered 10% burns when she was held under a hot shower by her mother.

The water temperature could have reached 58 degrees.

Prosecutor Timothy Raggatt QC said she was injured between 10 days and a fortnight before her death at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The likely cause of her injuries was from a shower head unit or extremely hot water, he added.

Her injuries were such it would have been “instantly apparent” that she needed urgent medical treatment.

The direct cause of her death was septic shock, which is when the body becomes so infected and debilitated that organs and vital systems stop working, he added.

‘Effectively hopeless’

In interviews, Logina said her daughter screamed when she put her in the bath and under the shower but that was because she did not like the shower.

She later saw redness and skin peeling off, Mr Raggatt said.

The pair dressed the girl’s wounds and gave her painkillers.

Mr Chana told police after Kristiana’s death that he thought the redness on her bottom and right leg was nappy rash.

He said said he did not know the extent of her injuries until Kristiana eventually went to hospital, the court heard.

On the day the toddler died, Ms Logina called an ambulance and paramedics found Kristiana in cardiac arrest.

After removing “dirty bandages”, her burns – which reached underlying tissue – were discovered, the court heard.

Mr Raggatt said the girl’s condition was “effectively hopeless” and she died three hours later.

“A total failure of both these two defendants to seek medical attention may well have been because both knew that Eva Logina had done this and both therefore wished, given the relationship, to avoid the obvious consequences of bringing it to the attentions of people who could treat it because they were gross injuries.”

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