WALES/ENGLAND – Family tender process – notification starts 11 November 2011

Applicants to start being told outcomes of family tender process

Tender applicants for new family and family and housing contracts starting early in 2012 are to start being told whether they have been successful.

The tender process was run in September and initial analysis indicates that 92% of applicants have been awarded a contract and that the number of contracts awarded will be at 94% of the current number of family legal aid contracts.

The first notification letters will be sent on Friday 11 November 2011.

Notification of unsuccessful tenders will be sent first

We will notify applicants from Friday 11 November where tenders or individual bids have been unsuccessful.

Where there is a right of appeal, the appeal procedure and deadline will be set out in the notification letter.

For further information on rights of appeal please see the ‘terms and conditions of tender’ in the ‘information for applicants’ on the Family Tender 2011 page of our website (see link below).

Notification of contract offers will be sent from Wednesday 16 November

From Wednesday 16 November to Friday 18 November we will be sending out letters to applicants whose tenders and/or individual bids have been successful.

These letters will also include information about verification of their tender and next steps. It is important that applicants follow any instructions given in these letters.

eTendering system message boards

All notification letters will be sent to applicants through the message boards in the LSC’s secure eTendering system (see link below).

Applicants should check the message boards in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and Invitation To Tender (ITT) regularly to ensure that they do not miss any important messages.

If applicants have not received notification of the outcome of their tender by Monday 21 November, they should contact us through the message boards.

Further information

LSC website: Family tender 2011

LSC website: eTendering portal

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