UK – Family tender process – verification of information

Final deadline for outstanding documents is 20 December 2011.

Successful Applicants in the family tender process have until 20 December to provide verification of information submitted during the tender process and, where requested by the Legal Services Commission, further information.

As specified at Part One, paragraph 11.1 of the Information For Applicants document, the final deadline for verification is 20 December 2011. Any outstanding documentation must be submitted to the LSC through the eTendering message system (see link below) by the end of 20 December 2011.

Where Applicants have any information outstanding the LSC will write to them during the week commencing 12 December.

The LSC is also carrying out verification visits to some Applicants as set out in the Information for Applicants at Section 2, Part D.document.

Further information is available in the Information for Applicants document and in the FAQ on Notification, Verification and Appeals which are on the Family tender 2011 page.

Any further queries should be sent through the message board in the eTendering system.

Family Tender 2011

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