Legal help: where to go and how to pay

Published 19 July 2012 | Standard notes SN03207

This note sets out information about where to seek legal help or advice in England and Wales.

Topic: Legal aid, Legal profession

Changes to legal aid: The impact on providers

Published 26 March 2012 | Standard notes SN06273

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill is the most recent stage in a process of reform of legal aid. Concerns about “advice deserts” – that is, areas where people cannot access certain legal aid services – have been expressed for several years. Such concerns have been revived by the Bill, which (its critics claim) may have an adverse impact on providers of legal aid and especially, but not exclusively, the not-for-profit sector. This note examines some of the most recent debate about these issues.

Topic: Legal aid

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