Under-occupation of social housing: Housing Benefit entitlement

Published 22 October 2013 | Standard notes SN06272

Authors: Wendy Wilson

Topic: Housing benefits, Social rented housing

Measures to reduce Housing Benefit expenditure – an overview

Published 11 October 2013 | Standard notes SN05638

Authors: Wendy Wilson

Topic: Housing, Housing benefits, Private rented housing, Social rented housing

Houses in multiple occupation

Published 26 September 2013 | Standard notes SN00708

Houses in multiple occupation. By Wendy Wilson. SN/SP/708. An overview of the powers local authorities have to control standards in HMOs.

Topic: Housing, Housing standards, Private rented housing

Harassment: “Police Information Notices”

Published 04 September 2012 | Standard notes SN06411

This note explains why the police may issue Police Information Notices where there are allegations of harassment and what guidance there is on the subject. It also discusses what recipients can do if they object.

Topic: Crime

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