WALES/ENGLAND – Dads get right to see kids after split

Plans ... Ken ClarkePlans … Ken Clarke

DADS will get a new legal right to see their children after a divorce under radical plans to be unveiled today.

Judges are currently told that the child’s needs must come first — but while these will remain the priority, courts will have a duty to ensure kids can see BOTH parents after a break-up.

Proposals are due to be spelled out this morning by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke after ministers were shocked by figures showing 20 per cent of kids from a broken home lose touch with a parent — normally the father.

However, ministers have rejected calls for grandparents to get the right to see their grandkids after a break-up too.

They will stress that grandparents play a vital role, but a source said including them in the shake-up would spark endless court battles.

Ministers are also set to announce more cash for mediation services.

Today’s move follows a row when a Government review last year REJECTED calls for both parents to have the right, saying it would harm the children.

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