WALES/ENGLAND – The Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2013


Citation and commencement

1.  These rules may be cited as the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2013 and come into force on 1st April 2013.



(This note is not part of the Categories Order)

These rules amend the Family Procedure Rules 2010 by—

  • changing references to certain rules in the Civil Procedure Rules 1998(4) to reflect re-numbering of some of those rules;
  • in Part 30 (appeals), giving High Court Judges and Designated Family Judges power when refusing permission to appeal without a hearing, where the application is considered to be totally without merit, to make an order that the person seeking permission may not request the decision to be reconsidered at a hearing.

 A full impact assessment has not been prepared for this instrument as no impact on the private or voluntary sectors is foreseen.


SOURCE: Statutory Instrument

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