Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Orders

From 30 June 2011, Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs) will be piloted for one year in three police force areas – West Mercia, Wiltshire and Greater Manchester Police.

Up until now, there has been a gap in protection for victims of domestic violence. Victims have always been able to apply for civil remedies which provide them with longer-term protection against domestic violence, but these can often take several days or weeks to apply for.

In the aftermath of a domestic violence incident, there are victims who require immediate protected time and support to consider their long term options.

The government is strengthening the protection available to victims by enabling the police to apply for a Domestic Violence Protection Order which, if made by the Magistrates Court, may require the alleged perpetrator to not contact the victim or return to the victim’s address for a minimum of 14 days and maximum of 28 days.

The pilot is designed to protect victims in the short term and give them the breathing space to consider their next steps, including pursuing longer term protection through a civil injunction application.

Guidance on DVPOs

To support the police and other stakeholders who will be taking part in DVPOs pilot, we have produced an interim guidance: 
Interim guidance for domestic violence protection orders

Further information

For further information about DVPOs, please email:





Domestic violence prevention orders/notices

The Home Office has commenced a 12 month pilot to trial a new approach to tackling domestic violence. A key strand of this will be the use of Domestic Violence Protection Orders.

What are Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Orders?

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