UK – Wife condemns husband’s ‘dishonesty’ over alleged offshore banking

The wife of a property tycoon jailed for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of his fortune in a high profile divorce battle has accused him of “staggering” dishonesty after leaked documents purported to show his secret network of offshore companies.

The husband at the centre of one of Britain's biggest divorce battles has been jailed for failing to produce details of his wealth.

Scot Young and his his ex-wife Michelle Young Photo: PA

Michelle Young, 48, said her former husband Scot Young had shown “no respect” for the law or the British justice system and vowed to use the new information to accelerate her case.

The disclosure formed part of a leaked cache of internal records from the UK’s offshore finance industry that exposed the alleged identities of thousands of wealthy individuals with money hidden away in theBritish Virgin Islands.

Young, 51, was jailed for six months in January after a judge ruled he had disobeyed orders to provide financial information to his wife at the collapse of their 18-year marriage.

He denied claims that he had hidden assets totalling up to £400 million, arguing that the fortune he had made as a fixer for British businessmen and Russian oligarchs was lost when a large Moscow deal collapsed, leaving him penniless.

However, new documents suggest that he signed over control of his interests to six BVI companies which were subsequently shifted further offshore and hidden in a complex web of companies.



Mrs Young claimed the documents were proof that he had lied “without regard for the justice system” throughout their bitter divorce battle.

She said: “His dishonesty is staggering. He has lied to me, lied to the judge and is clearly without regard for the British justice system.

“This is the proof, if it were even needed, that he has no respect for the law whatsoever, this is the proof he has been lying all along.

“People like Scott, people with wealth and power, believe that the rules do not apply to them.”

Mrs Young, who believes Boris Berezovsky, the deceased oligarch, hid money belonging to her former husband, obtained a “global freezing order” in June 2007, preventing Young from moving or selling the disputed assets.

She said the leaked emails, published in a newspaper on Thursday, suggested that he had broken the high court order.

“Obviously this accelerates my case,” she added. “I will now be calling all of the people named in this document to the High Court.”


SOURCE: The Telegraph

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