UK – Reunite reports rise in calls to its advice line

Both abduction and prevention cases are on the increase

Latest figures released by reunite International Child Abduction Centre show a 9 per cent increase in the number of calls to their advice line.   

In 2012, 506 new abduction cases were reported to reunite; which represents 516 children abducted out of the UK, 167 children abducted into the UK, 12 children abducted between UK jurisdictions, and 33 children abducted between non-UK jurisdictions. 

Alison Shalaby, reunite’s CEO, commented:

“Poland, USA, Spain and Pakistan were the most common destinations for children abducted from the UK but in 2012 our cases involved more than 100 different countries.  This demonstrates that parental child abduction is not country or faith specific but is a truly global issue.  What is especially concerning is that many abductions go unreported and so the actual number of children abducted is likely to be much higher.”

Also during the year, 412 new prevention cases were reported – a 38 per cent increase in the last two years.  reunite has been active in local communities, raising awareness of international parental child abduction and ensuring that parents are informed about the steps they can take to reduce the risk of abduction.


SOURCE: Family Law Week

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