UK – Mother rescues abducted daughter in SAS-style mission

A mother whose daughter was abducted and taken to Egypt by her father has rescued the toddler after disguising herself with a burka and snatching her off the street.


Mother rescues abducted daughter in SAS-style mission

No one had been able to retrieve Mona after she left on an EgyptAir flight with her father Photo: Facebook

Alex Abou-El-Ella lost her daughter Mona two years ago after her husband Mustafa kidnapped her from their family home in Slough, Berkshire and flew her to Egypt.

She would often beg him to bring back their daughter, now three, but he refused, threatening she’d never see her again.

But after flying to Cairo and disguising herself head to to in robes with her face hidden by a black veil, Mrs Abou-El-Ella, 29, now has her daughter safely back in Britain.

Two years ago, Mr Abou-El-Ella took Mona to visit friends in Hounslow, a short distance from Heathrow airport. She never came home.

Despite the fact police, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and Interpol were all put on red alert when Mona disappeared, no one had been able to retrieve Mona after she left on an EgyptAir flight with her father.

So Mrs Abou-El-Ella enlisted the help of British author Donya Al-Nahi – dubbed Jane Bond for helping a string of women rescue their children – to mastermind the SAS-style raid.

Together they flew to Egypt and discovered the flat where Mona was living. The next day they spotted Mona walking near the flat with an aunt.

Mrs Abou-El-Ella told The People: “I got out of the car but I’m not used to wearing the long dresses so I kept pulling it up and walking funny.

“I was walking behind them, faster and faster, and saw Mona’s hand a few metres away from me.

“So I grabbed her, pulled her into my arms and the lady looked at my face – but all she could see were my eyes.

“She started screaming and fell over on the floor.”

Eventually, Al-Nahi helped her into a getaway car and they sped to the airport, before getting on a flight to Britain.

“I cried for days because the moment I took her I heard Mona scream out to the woman in Arabic, ‘Mum, help me, Mum’.

“I felt shocked and upset to hear those words coming out of her mouth about another woman.

“But after half an hour she looked up at me and said, ‘Are you my mum?’

“She finally recognised me and it was a beautiful moment for me, especially after not having her for the past two years.”


SOURCE: The Telegraph



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