UK – Child maintenance now being paid in four out of five cases, says DWP

Maintenance collected or arranged for 921,000 children


In the quarter ending March 2013, 81.0% of all cases in which maintenance was due had either received maintenance via the CSA collection service, or had a maintenance direct arrangement in place. In the previous two quarters the percentage had fallen – in that to December 2012 it was 79.5%.

For the latest quarter, maintenance had been collected or arranged by the CSA via the statutory maintenance service on behalf of 921,000 children. For the preceding quarter the figure was 902,500.

The CSA collected or arranged £309.1m in child maintenance (regular and arrears), of which £28.3m was arrears, in the quarter to March 2013, compared with £307.4m in the previous quarter.

The latest statistics can be read here.


SOURCE: Family Law Week

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