ENGLAND – Project set to look at the bright side of care

Children’s advocacy charity Voice and the University of Bristol have begun a study to identify the ingredients of a “good care journey” for children.


Lewington of Voice said Bright-Spot will help identify what works well for children in care

The Bright-Spot project, funded by the Hadley Trust, will work with seven to 10 councils in England.

The research will focus on gathering looked-after children’s views of what works in the care system and using that information to develop indicators that councils can use to see if they offer children a “good care experience”.

“The current care system recognises the importance of a ‘good’ care journey, but this has come about mainly through information collected and interpreted by adults, rather than children and young people,” said Wendy Lewington, director of policy at Voice.

“More importantly, a significant amount of this information tends to focus on children’s negative behaviours and poor outcomes.”

She said the project would differ from the work Ofsted does by coming from the child’s perspective and seeking to home in on what individual councils do well and how that can be applied elsewhere.

Voice and the university are looking for councils to take part in the project, which has funding until March 2015, although Lewington said the hope is to turn it into an ongoing piece of work.

The results of the work with the first seven to 10 councils will be shared with other local authorities from the autumn of 2014.


SOURCE: Children & Young People Now

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