ENGLAND – MPs to question three major children’s charities on child protection in England

The Commons Education Committee takes oral evidence today from Barnardo’s, the NSPCC and The Children’s Society.


Wednesday 11 January 2012 in Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster at 9.30am (public)

  • Phillip Noyes, Director of Strategy and Development, NSPCC
  • Kate Wallace, Deputy Director Policy & Research, Barnardo’s
  • Enver Solomon, Policy Director, The Children’s Society

Purpose of the session

This is the fifth session in the committee’s inquiry into the child protection system.

The committee decided in December to refocus its inquiry on three interlinked child protection topics:

  • The impact of neglect and the long term consequences of a delay in intervention where there is evidence of neglect
  • Older young people (especially those aged 15 to 19) and child protection
  • Thresholds for intervention, for taking children into care and for adoption

The aim of today’s session is to explore the three revised inquiry themes with three of the major children’s charities. This is the first evidence session in this inquiry following revision of the terms of reference.

The decision to refocus this inquiry was announced on 23 December 2011.

Further Information

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