ENGLAND – Cafcass commits to “doing more with less”

Strategic Plan for 2013-15 published 

Cafcass has launched its Strategic Plan for 2013-15, which can be read here.

The document outlines the organisation’s plan for the two years starting this month. It includes its role within ongoing family justice reform, including meeting all key performance indicators and steadily improving the quality and timeliness of case analyses written and filed in court. The strategy also includes Cafcass’s ongoing commitment to “doing more with less”, as demand increases alongside its continuing commitment to health and wellbeing of staff.

Chief Executive Anthony Douglas said:

“Our strategic plan focuses on how we can make our services and organisation stronger and better during a time of continuing demands and pressures. We have mapped out the areas where we need to improve, both internally and across the family justice system, and we are pleased that we have a strong consensus about a way forward, both internally and with our external partners.”

In the plan, Cafcass commits to publishing at least four studies a year into the issues affecting children and how children’s cases are handled by it and others, and continuing its positive work with all partner organisations, interest groups and pressure groups, both nationally and locally.

In line with Eileen Munro’s review of child protection, Cafcass says that it is also committed to developing a greater awareness of the child’s journey through care proceedings and through relationship breakdown (in private law cases), and what children need in these circumstances. This commitment ties in, it says, with its promotion of a sense of urgency and a “team around the child” in the court setting, to challenge any cultures of delay.

The strategic plan is available here.


SOURCE: Family Law Week

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