Registration and management of sex offenders under the Sexual Offences Act 2003

Published 14 August 2012 | Standard notes SN05267

This note provides an overview of the various measures in Part 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 aimed at enabling the police to monitor and manage sex offenders living in the local area. It considers the requirement for certain sex offenders to notify the police of personal information such as their name and address, and to update the police whenever this information changes. The police record of these notifications is commonly referred to as the “sex offenders’ register”. It also considers a range of civil orders that can be used to manage the behaviour of sex offenders.

Topic: Crime, Sexual offences

Anonymity in rape cases

Published 07 February 2012 | Standard notes SN04746

People who complain that they have been the victims of sexual offences are automatically given anonymity. Defendants in such cases, however, are not. This note considers the relevant legislation and the continuing debate as to whether defendants should be granted some form of anonymity. Shortly after the general election the Government indicated that it intended to introduce anonymity for defendants in rape cases. However, these plans were subsequently dropped on the basis that there was insufficient empirical evidence on which to base a decision on providing those accused of rape with anonymity.

Topic: Crime, Sexual offences

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