WALES/ENGLAND – Legal Aid Reform – changes to family fees

New fees are being introduced on 1 February 2012, via new contracts for family and housing cases currently dealt with under the Unified Contract. The new fees will represent a reduction of 10% to current fees.

This forms part of the Legal Aid Reform changes and follows similar fee reductions introduced for other civil cases in October 2011. A summary of what the changes will mean for providers can be found on our Legal Aid Reform pages – see below.

When the new and old rates apply
The new rates apply from 1 February 2012, but you will need to ensure that you understand the circumstances in which the old rates still apply. This is explained in our Legal Aid Reform pages.

What are the new fees
The new civil rates can be found in the relevant payment annexes of the new family contracts, due for issue from 9 January to 27 January 2012 (see the ‘Family Fee Changes’ link below).

We strongly recommend that you undertake free online training on our LSC Provider Training website, to ensure you understand all the changes and apply them accurately. This should minimise delays in administering claims.

All relevant guidance documents will be published in preparation by 23 January.

We are regularly updating FAQs on our civil Legal Aid Reform pages. See the documents panel to download a PDF file on the FAQs.

Legal Aid Reform: Summary of civil and family changes

Family fee changes: Family Contract 2012 payment annex

Training: LSC Provider Training website

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions (see documents panel)

Last updated: 05 January 2012

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