WALES/ENGLAND – Third View from the President’s Chambers focuses on expert evidence in care cases

Family Law Week


President determined to end excessive and unnecessary use of experts

In the third ‘View from the President’s Chambers’, Sir James Munby focuses again on expert evidence and, in particular, the use of experts in care cases.

He says:

“We can and must reduce the excessive length of far too many care cases. In order to achieve this we must get a grip on our excessive and in many instances unnecessary use of experts….

“Three things are needed: first, a reduction in the use of experts; second, a more focussed approach in the cases where experts are still needed; and, third, a reduction in the length of expert reports. Let me take these in turn.”

The ten-page document explains how the President envisages how these objectives can be met within the new regime introduced by the revised PLO.

The document is here.


SOURCE: Family Law Week

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