ENGLAND – Elizabeth Watson purges contempt and is freed from Holloway

Judgments in Haigh proceedings to be made available

Elizabeth Watson, who was last week sentenced to a nine month prison term for her part in the naming of parties in care proceedings, has been released after purging her contempt.

Ms Watson had been imprisoned in Holloway Prison. She had assisted Victoria Haigh to breach court orders in care proceedings and to put into the public domain via email and the internet a series of unwarranted and scandalous allegations about the father in the proceedings and others. The President ordered that the parties to the proceedings should be named so that the father could be publicly absolved of the allegations made against him.

According to the Press Association, the High Court was told: “[Ms Watson] is locked in her cell for 15 hours a day. She has had clearly a very long time to reflect on the circumstances in which she finds herself.”

The President’s judgments, referred to in last week’s news item, are expected to be available within the next week.

For the Press Association report, click here.


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