ENGLAND – Care application demand remains at all-time high

May to June figures highest ever for those months

Cafcass has published care application statistics for July 2011. During the month there were 856 care applications.

Care application demand has remained at a very high level. Between April and July 2011, Cafcass received 3,213 new applications. This figure is 7.1% higher when compared to the same period last year. The May, June and July application numbers were the highest ever recorded by Cafcass for these individual months.

During 2010-11, Cafcass experienced a 4% increase in care applications with 9,180 new applications up from 8,826 in 2009-10, which itself saw a 36% increase on applications received in 2008-09. Care application demand for all months during 2010-11 has been the highest ever recorded by Cafcass for the individual months except June and December 2010. March 2011 saw the highest ever number of care applications recorded in an individual month, with 892 applications.

Last week the President of the Family Division, Sir Nicholas Wall, and the Chief Executive of Cafcass, Anthony Douglas, announced that the interim guidance in respect of care applications would not be renewed.


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