WALES/ENGLAND – Children’s services expenditure by local authorities planned to fall by £234m

Budgets for looked after children and safeguarding due to rise


Family Law Week


The Office for National Statistics has released details of planned expenditure by local authorities on a range of services relating to schools, education, children and young people’s services for the financial year April 2013 – March 2014. The figures in the release include information from all 152 local authorities in England.

The figures show that the total planned expenditure on children and young person’s services will fall from £8,587.2m to £8,352.4m. However, certain categories of expenditure cannot be replicated for both financial years due to the restructuring of the Children’s and Young People’s Services subcategories.

Within the overall figures, the budgets for looked after children represent the largest subcategory of expenditure. In the current year they are set to rise (in gross terms) from £3.198m to £3,262m. Safeguarding, the next largest subcategory, will also rise, from £1,890m to just over £1,935m.

The statistical release is here.


SOURCE: Family Law Week

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