UK – Give me charity money pleads mother-of-10 who insists her £30,000-a-year benefits are not enough

A mother-of-ten who nets more than £30,000-a-year in benefits has begged for charity donations to help raise her brood – because her state ‘wage’ is not enough.

Moira Pearce, 34, has insisted her weekly government handout of £600 is insufficient to feed and clothe her children and she needs donations to survive.

The single mum – whose kids are fathered by four ex-partners – has insisted her range of child and family allowance benefits do not meet her weekly outgoings.

Begging: Mother-of-ten Moira Pearce says she can't support her family on her benefits of £30,000Begging: Mother-of-ten Moira Pearce says she can’t support her family on her benefits of £30,000

Her annual payments funded by the public purse work out at a staggering £31,200-a-year – or £3,120 per child. 

Ms Pearce – who lives with unemployed ex-boyfriend Mark Austin, 19, seven daughters and three sons – now wants extra help to save her from going under.

She said today: ‘I’ve been trying to find charities that will help out with clothes and things, but none of them want to know.’

Local residents joined the attack on the jobless mum this morning describing her as a ‘scrounger’ and a ‘disgrace’.

Entrepreneur Steven Taylor, 40, said: ‘I’ve seen her around the town. Everyone knows she’s had those kids with four different fathers.

‘And the bloke she’s been with lately is almost half her age. ‘She’s just a scrounger. It’s a disgrace that she should be asking for any more money.’

Dad-of-two Sam Colyer, 34, added: ‘She should have stopped seven kids ago.

‘She needs to sort her life out and get a job to start paying for herself.’

Medway Maritime Hospital: Ms Pearce has a sterilisation procedure here, having spent most of the last 17 years pregnantMedway Maritime Hospital: Ms Pearce has a sterilisation procedure here, having spent most of the last 17 years pregnant

Ms Pearce from Gillingham, Kent, hit the headlines last December after she became one of the first women in the UK to undergo a simple ten-minute sterilisation procedure.

She had the operation at her local Medway Maritime Hospital where tiny coils were inserted into each fallopian tube via the cervix.

The revolutionary procedure brought to an end a period of 17 years where Ms Pearce had been pregnant for virtually the whole time.

Doctors advised her to have the operation because her uterus and pelvis would be unable to cope and an eleventh baby would kill her.

Now, after nine months, Ms Pearce insists she is happy her brood – just one shy of a football team – has finally stopped growing.

‘After ten children, I decided I had enough,’ she said. ‘Only four of them were planned, but I love them all to bits.

‘I would definitely recommend the procedure. I was in and out in ten minutes.

‘I chose not to have any anaesthetic and it was fine – just like having a smear test.’

Now she has to concentrate on looking after Kayleigh, 17, Jamie, 16, Chloe, 13, Tyler, 10, Shania, six, Blade, five, Shonna, four, Candice, three, Shardonnaie, two and Maxy-Jane, one.

She added: ‘I’ve been pregnant for the best part of 17 years, but I just carried on as normal.

‘It’s great that I can be more active now, and spend more time with the kids.’
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