Leaders holiday while the economy is going down the drain

THE global economy is going to hell in a handcart.

British jobs, businesses and pensions are on the line. So where are our political masters? Sunning themselves on holidays abroad.

David Cameron came to power promising to work tirelessly for this country.

Little more than a year later it seems we should be grateful if the PM finds time to drop-in between trade trips, foreign tours and his four summer holidays.

It beggars belief that his deputy Nick Clegg and George Osborne – this Government’s real number two – decided to head off on holiday at the same time as their boss.

People up and down the country will feel the pain of the latest turmoil in their pockets, bank balances and retirement pots. Some will end up on the dole.

The absence of top Cabinet ministers is the latest example of a leader who assumes he and his Government can simply busk it.

This approach has left the economy to bump along in danger of falling back into recession.

Britain cannot afford another four years of arrogant complacency.

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