UK – Universal Credit and related Regulations: a call for evidence

Current Consultation – Ends by 27 July 2012


The Welfare Reform Act 2012 sets out the overall framework for Universal Credit. The implementation of these arrangements will require the passage of several sets of detailed regulations.


The Committee considered several sets of these draft regulations at its meeting on 13-14 June, and would welcome views from a broad range of organisations and individuals. The Committee is particularly keen to examine the coherence of the package of regulations in terms of implementation, and whether there are gaps and/or unintended consequences that need to be addressed. Details of other, more specific, areas on which the Committee would welcome views can be found in its press notice.



Letters to the Committee Secretary

The Regulations on which the Committee is formally consulting are:


Universal Credit Regulations 2012


Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment and Working-age Benefits (Claims and Payments) Regulations 2012


Housing Benefit (Benefit Cap) Regulations 2012


The Committee is not formally consulting on the remainder of the regulations it considered at its June meeting, but has placed these regulations (listed below) on its website for completeness. The Committee would also welcome representations on any parts of these regulations insofar as they impact on the coherence of the overall legislative programme:


Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment and Working-age Benefits (Decisions and Appeals) Regulations 2012


Jobseeker´s Allowance Regulations 2012


Employment and Support Allowance Regulations 2012


The Government´s legislative timetable requires the Committee to submit its report to the Secretary of State by mid August. That, combined with the comprehensive and broad-ranging nature of the regulations being considered, means that the Committee would especially value comments on those aspects of the regulations that have not already been subject to scrutiny and debate during the passage of – or which are embodied in – the Welfare Reform Act.


How to respond
Responses are needed by 27 July 2012 and should be sent to:

Social Security Advisory Committee
5th Floor
Caxton House
Tothill Street

Alternatively they can be emailed to

Further information can be obtained from the Committee Secretary on 020 7829 3354.


SOURCE: Social Security Advisory Committee

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