UK – Four in five parents now paying for their children

Figures released today show the vast majority of parents who use the Child Support Agency (CSA) are now paying for their children.

The number of parents using the CSA who are paying towards their children has jumped in recent years – and now stands at almost four in five (79.5%).

Minister for Child Maintenance Steve Webb said:

“These figures show we now live in a society where parental financial responsibility after separation is just considered the norm by people.

“A third of children now live in separated families and we know that the overwhelming majority of parents want to do what’s right by their kids – even if they’re no longer with the other parent.

“Wherever possible we want parents to work together for the sake of their children – not against one another. Supporting your children after a break up is just what most parents do these days.

“Recent You Gov research shows 9 in 10 people believe children are better off when both parents work together to agree child support between themselves after they break up. And the evidence backs that up.”

The Child Support Agency Quarterly Summary of Statistics can be accessed here

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SOURCE: Department for Work and Pensions

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