UK – Child maintenance report shows government plans are at odds with public



Commenting on the report from NatCen Social Research on British Social Attitudes to child maintenance (1), Gingerbread chief executive Fiona Weir said:

“Today’s report shows that the public think it’s right for the government to set minimum child maintenance payments, and to enforce payment where necessary – but new government plans are directly at odds with what the public think is right and fair. Instead, it is poised to introduce a new system that will see parents financially penalised if they need help to set maintenance amounts or to collect maintenance from parents who won’t pay.

“Child maintenance can and does make a huge difference to children’s lives: one in five of the poorest single parent families who get regular payments have been lifted out of poverty as a result (2).  It is heartening to see that most people firmly believe that both parents should continue to support their children financially after separation, and we urge the government to take this public support for stronger government action into account as they finalise plans for the new child maintenance service.”




Notes to editors
(1) British Social Attitudes 30: Child maintenance (NatCen June 2013)
(2) For one in five (19%) out of work single parents who receive maintenance, this income has lifted them and their children out of poverty.  Kids Aren’t Free: the child maintenance arrangements of single parents on benefit in 2012 (Nuffield, NatCen, Gingerbread, 2013)


SOURCE: Gingerbread

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