ENGLAND – Accrington dad jailed for child support arrears

AN Accrington dad has been jailed for failing to pay child support money.

John Knight, 53, of Lancaster Avenue, appeared before Blackburn magistrates charged with non-payment to the Child Support Agency of £908.

The court heard the money was arrears from missed payments between November 2003 and April 2006.

All attempts at civil enforcement orders had failed and Knight found himself in court in May last year.

He offered to pay, but his cheque bounced.

He didn’t show at another court hearing in March this year and then promised to pay £450 with the rest in the next two weeks.

No payment was received and the magistrates sent him to jail for 21 days.

Mr Knight, who represented himself from the dock, asked the court when CSA payments ceased as his child was now 26 years old.

He was told the amount was arrears from previous missed payments and he accepted his sentence.

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