ENGLAND – Cafcass publishes its draft strategic plan

Consultation now open

Cafcass has published its draft strategic plan for 2013-15, which is now open for consultation.

The document is an outline strategic plan for the two years starting from April 2013. It includes the Service’s role within ongoing family justice reform, including meeting all key performance indicators and steadily improving the quality and timeliness of case analyses prepared for court. The strategy also includes a continuing commitment to “doing more with less”, as demand increases and budgets are reduced, as well as a continuing commitment to health and wellbeing of staff.

In the plan, Cafcass commits to publishing at least four studies a year into the issues affecting children and how children’s cases are handled by it and others.

Stakeholders and other interested parties are encouraged to look at the plan, which can be viewed here. Please send any feedback to zzcafcasscommsteam@flex-r.gsi.gov.uk by 8th March 2013.


SOURCE: Family Law Week

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